Introducing Nance Bulow Morgan


I am a native of Northern Illinois and lived there most of my life. After life happened — hard, we moved to the Sandhills of North Carolina. We feel blessed to have survived life and to land here amongst the long leaf pines. We are between the ocean and the mountains so my love of hiking has many options to choose from. I get a lot of inspiration from places that I have been all over this country, but North Carolina has so much to offer in that regard.

Eating and sleeping don't hold a candle to writing, drawing, singing, dancing, laughing with friends and family. If my lungs would do it I'd breathe this stuff. It's all I need to be happy.

I have been writing as a professional since 1991 when I self published Voyage: a Book of Prose.

I’ve been writing since I was eight years old, but my father wanted me to be an artist, and my mother thought I should sing, so I became distracted until I realized it was writing that made me happy. I kept journals and dabbled so I am self-taught. Life as a career mother and supervisor in a print shop kept me away from creative pursuits most of the time;my time to produce wasn’t very solid. My children are all grown up now. There are two things I care passionately about; my family and my writing. I divide my time between them, my pursuits as a writer, and my day job as a graphic artist for a private university.

Published Credits:

  • A book of Prose titled :Voyage
  • Novel: Legend Destiny
  • Novel: Minstrels’ Gambit (book 1 of The Minstrels’ Tale Mystery)
  • Novel: Minstrels’ Covenant (book 2 of The Minstrels’ Tale Mystery)
  • Novel: Minstrels’ Prize (book 3 of The Minstrels’ Tale Mystery)

Current and upcoming projects:

  • I am currently working on a stack of short stories I will compile into a book with the title: A View from Here
  • A novel with Lionardo DaVinci as the main character.
  • I am ruminating about another Minstrels’ Tale
  • A thriller with the working title of Insidious. I set this one aside a while back because it scared me. Too much like current events. Yikes, if you only knew.