Reviews for Minstrels' Covenant - Book II of the Minstrels' Tales Mysteries


Minstrels' Covenant

by Nance Bulow Morgan published by Dreamer Books

From Patricia at bookstocurlupwith

Andreas and Saeede are back and stronger then ever, there is also a new cast of characters that make an appearance in this book. They all add to the story line. Nance has a sense to make the characters their own. Its like you know them and you want to cheer for them and cry when they cry. I love Andreas and Saeede. She is a strong heroine that can kick some butt when needed. Andreas is her best friend and is also a great hero. They are like a fantasy mystery solving duo. They rock.

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From Missy at

Author Nance Bulow Morgan successfully charms us readers with another adventure, in the thick of a murder to solve. I like this authors writing energy, upbeat and fast paced to reflect characters which also were wise, brave, and strong. I enjoyed book two as much as book one.

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From Don D'Ammassa ,four time hugo award nominee

This is less of a detective story and more of a chase adventure than the earlier book, so the plot didn't appeal to me quite as much, although it was strong enough to hold my interest. I imagine the protagonist will be back for another investigation in the near future. 6/12/14

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This reviewer took the time to read all three books and review them as they were meant to be read!

From....Paranormal Romance and Authors that Rock

MINSTRELS' GAMBIT: Well written with imaginative landscapes and multi faceted characters fantasy readers will love solving this mystery.

MINSTRELS' COVENANT: I loved reading this book, so great. The characters are well thought out and the mystery kept me guessing. I have thoroughly enjoyed spending my time with this clever duo as they uncover more intrigue and solve hellish crimes.

MINSTRELS' Prize: This is the last book and by far my favorite I couldn’t put it down.

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