Reviews for Minstrels' Gambit - Book I of the Minstrels' Tales Mysteries


Minstrels' Gambit

by Nance Bulow Morgan Published by Dreamer Books

From Missy at

I have been getting my greedy little hands on a number of books this month of April! Here is one that I just read, provided through Bostick Communications. I have never heard of BC before, and now they are my BFF because I am connecting with some amazing authors I never would normally have the chance to! This is a prime example of how I like my mysteries, and the author achieved amazeball stats with great editing, and a book just brimming with creativity and adventure. My cup of tea! Check it out, my fellow book lovin’ peeps! XOXO.

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From Don D'Ammassa, reviewer, editor, fellow writer, and four time Hugo Award Nominee!

A pair of minstrels visit a typical fantasy world city, hoping for a rest after a major engagement, only to get caught up in the investigation of a puzzling murder. The murders are linked to a set of musical scores and the music is in turn linked to an ancient and very powerful danger. The minstrels find themselves the chief suspects, in part because of the musical connection, and they also discover that various factions are contending for the power inherent in the magic hidden in the notes. More than competent prose and a fairly good set of subplots help this one along and it was quite enjoyable.

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This reviewer took the time to read all three books and review them as they were meant to be read!

From....Paranormal Romance and Authors that Rock

MINSTRELS' GAMBIT: Well written with imaginative landscapes and multi faceted characters fantasy readers will love solving this mystery.

MINSTRELS' COVENANT: I loved reading this book, so great. The characters are well thought out and the mystery kept me guessing. I have thoroughly enjoyed spending my time with this clever duo as they uncover more intrigue and solve hellish crimes.

MINSTRELS' Prize: This is the last book and by far my favorite I couldn’t put it down.

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