Minstrels' Gambit

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Minstrels' Gambit

by Nance Bulow Morgan Published by Dreamer Books

Nance's second novel, and the first in what will be an ongoing series titled The Minstrels' Tale Mysteries.

The heroes of the story only wanted some rest; but their quiet respite was about to be denied.

Soon after their arrival in the city of Behlanna, they are caught up in a murder mystery-- and they are the prime suspects! An ancient riddle is at the center of their problem and evil forces are at play against them. The keys to the riddle are hidden in four musical scores. They must solve the riddle and in the process clear their names. If the riddle goes the world will never be the same.

As adventurers the friends must retrieve the scores from their protections within the elements. As Minstrels they must decipher the keys hidden within the music. The two friends learn just how deep and unwavering their friendship— how deep and unwavering their skills with music, sword, and magic. I think you will be hooked from the very beginning of this fantasy which is also my first attempt at combining the genres of fantasy,mystery and action/adventure. The book is receiving excellent reviews and is available at the following sites: