Reviews for Minstrels' Prize - Book III of the Minstrels' Tales Mysteries


Minstrels' Prize

by Nance Bulow Morgan Published by Dreamer Books is available on Kindle now!

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✩✩✩✩From Gayle Pace at Books, Reviews, ETC.

"The story was charmingly told."

..."a well written book with an adventure fantasy along with a murder mystery. The characters were brave and were on a journey where they dared to face death."

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This reviewer took the time to read all three books and review them as they were meant to be read!

From....Paranormal Romance and Authors that Rock

MINSTRELS' GAMBIT: Well written with imaginative landscapes and multi faceted characters fantasy readers will love solving this mystery.

MINSTRELS' COVENANT: I loved reading this book, so great. The characters are well thought out and the mystery kept me guessing. I have thoroughly enjoyed spending my time with this clever duo as they uncover more intrigue and solve hellish crimes.

MINSTRELS' Prize: This is the last book and by far my favorite I couldn’t put it down.

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