What I do, or at least attempt to do.

Get it?

My writing is very much an examination of my life; my loves, foibles, religion, morals, politics, family, trials, and tribulations. I strive to share my heart in every chapter of every story. I love a good adventure, a good fantasy and, my favorite, a good mystery. As I move forward in my writing I seek to meld the elements of these genres with my view of life, as twisted as it may seem at the time. I want very much for my readers to come away from my stories with their minds twisting from all that I have given them to reflect on. My hope is that they come away happy and entertained in the process.

My inspiration comes from my own experiences, or those of people I know, or what I imagine I would do if faced with a situation. People who face adversity, people who do not waver from their believes, faith, and convictions, people who never give up on a dream, and never give up on loved ones inspire me. Pretty much anyone, or anything that cries out for justice and fights to have it inspire me. Wisdom, strength, compassion; all of these things inspire me.

My settings are often places I have been or sometimes they are the dark images of crazy dreams. Mountains and the ocean inspire me like no other settings can. I am connected to creation when I am in those environments. When I need strength, reflection, or peace in my life I go to nature.